Member Highlights


As Guild President,  I have the pleasure of introducing guild members to who inspire us in our Quilting journey. I wanted to start with some past Presidents. As this will be my new role with the guild, I wanted to start with these ladies who’s inspiration and dedication to the guild have brought me here. Check this section out it each month because it could be you who will be highlighted next!!     Patricia Bolton-Legg


A beautiful Scrappy Quilt made by Pat Reed.

Pat Reed


Born the last of 6 children to a very poor farm family that moved to wherever the work was… My first quilt memory was on one of those farms…a dark heavy quilt, tied together from frayed farm work clothes…but oh so welcome for sisters to huddle under on those cold Northern Illinois winter nights with no central heating. 

A treadle sewing machine was the learning tool for me… I didn’t own a sewing machine till after my own children were in middle school…Sewing to earn extra money for our little family of 3 sons. Fast forward many years, marrying (50 years this year), tending growing sons, developing a geriatric nursing career, moving to many times to count…and then retiring. In my life, unnamed people have given so very much to me…so that now, my focus has grown to be able to give back, in a meaningful way, to others. 

I believe that we all have been given talents that we must discover, develop and then use …to give back… in whatever way we are able. The generous quilters of Island Quilters Guild have welcomed me with open arms…and have taught me so much…but I have so much more to learn. Scrap quilts have become such a joy to explore and produce for whatever the Guild decides is needed. Learning that there are no ‘Quilt Police’ waiting to point out my mistakes gives me comfort…and then permission to explore new techniques!! My fellow quilters have given freely to support one of the Guild’s mission…I am thankful for that opportunity to join those quilters to assist in that quilting mission