Member Highlights


As Guild President,  I have the pleasure of introducing guild members to who inspire us in our Quilting journey. I wanted to start with some past Presidents. As this will be my new role with the guild, I wanted to start with these ladies who’s inspiration and dedication to the guild have brought me here. Check this section out it each month because it could be you who will be highlighted next!!     Patricia Bolton-Legg


Past Guild Presidents

Marilyn Haupt

 I have been in love with quilts since I was a small child. My great aunt made me a scrappy quilt that she sewed together by hand. She had a stroke prior to making it so it was a challenge for her to create. Her quilt has two to three very uneven quilting stitches per inch. It is fabulous and one of my most prized possessions. Growing up, I learned to crotchet but never touched a sewing machine until my 20’s. A wonderful friend and past guild member, Beverly Moore, introduced me to quilting and the guild. I have made all kinds of quilts through the years and have found needle turn appliqué and embroidery to be my passion. 

Being a member of the guild has been a gift in many ways. I have greatly expanded my sewing and quilting skills through lectures and classes provided by the guild. I continue to be profoundly challenged and enlightened by other guild members. Most importantly, I have made wonderful friends. I look forward to many more years of sewing and great fun with my fellow quilters. 

Debbie Shabot

I made my first quilt when my first child began producing cute little drawings in the 1970s. I reproduced those pictures with fabric crayons, sewed them together, and put lace around the whole thing. She still has that quilt, with the polyester batting all bunched up inside of it! 

The Island Quilter’s Guild has introduced me to so many new ideas and techniques in quilting, and I have loved my time in the group. I enjoy the challenges offered to the members to stretch our quilting muscles and brains, and I appreciate the opportunities to help out in the community with our quilting skills!  

Sue Carlton

 When I was in graduate school, I needed something else to do beside study. I decided to take a quilting class at the local high school (in Richmond, VA). They offered “Learning to Quilt” in the adult continuing education program. This was my first introduction to quilting (1978) and I was hooked! I made a lot of my own clothes before, so I knew how to sew. Once I learned how to quilt, making clothes went out the window!  


The part of quilting that I love the most is designing the piece. I love to put colors together, to dig into my stash and rearrange fabric and blocks on my design wall. My least favorite part is the actual quilting- so glad that there are skilled ladies who want to do this for a living!!!! 

 I absolutely love the guild! I am proud to say that I am a charter member. I have learned so much by just listening and seeing projects that members bring to Show and Tell. I have taken classes the guild sponsors and this has helped me grow as a quilter. I think the most important benefit of belonging to the Island Quilters has been the friendships that have grown over the years. Fellowship with other quilters has brought me countless hours of joy, laughter, and fun. Did I forget to mention chocolate – and lots of chocolate!