Member Highlights


As Guild President,  I have the pleasure of introducing guild members to who inspire us in our Quilting journey. I wanted to start with some past Presidents. As this will be my new role with the guild, I wanted to start with these ladies who’s inspiration and dedication to the guild have brought me here. Check this section out it each month because it could be you who will be highlighted next!!     Patricia Bolton-Legg


Joyce Crow


   When I entered high school, I took 3 years of homemaking. I loved it…. sewing , handwork and tailoring coats, which I received awards.  After graduation, I made my clothes for years and really enjoyed shopping for patterns and fabrics!!  When I married (1974) I had seen a “Sun Bonnet Sue” quilt and decided I would make one for our niece Dana.  At the time, I did not know anyone about quilting or anyone that quilted.  However, I was determined to do it and completed it to the best of my knowledge. Dana used the quilt as she got older, until she went to summer camp, where she left it. L  I recently came across a picture that was taken when I finished it.  (Below).  It was made for her day bed.

   Through the years, I continued sewing all my clothes and my daughters. I did a lot of machine appliqué and hand embroidery on her clothing, with my fancy Singer Sewing machine. 

   November - 2010, my friend, Gloria Brister, introduced me to her quilting group and an invite to Mainland Morning Quilt Guild. Although, I knew how to sew, quilting seemed to be a little overwhelming to me.  These ladies were talking about fat quarters, half square triangles, flying geese, log cabin, UFO’s, Shop Hops, retreats?? I’m sure I looked like a deer in the headlights…… was totally lost, had no idea what the heck they were talking about!! As I went to the meetings/workshops I learned what a fat quarter, flying geese, etc.  ….not anything that I ever imagined!! Feeling a little reluctant at first, the ladies persuaded me to try, with their help.  They gave me a basket of scraps and told me to cut 4” squares because I was going to make a 9 patch quilt. Once cut, they had me sewing them together and complete for quilting.  From there, I had the opportunity to work on a group project with Rhonda Dort, on the” Texas Our Texas Quilt”  done with hand died wool, machine appliqué and hand embroidery. She was a great teacher, motivator, and was always there for guidance. I would not ever try to make anything like that by myself as a new quilter. (Below)  I have learned so much about quilting and acquired some wonderful friendships through group projects/classes. I belong to three guilds, Mainland Morning Quilt Guild, Island Quid Guild and Lakeview Quilt Guild and enjoy then all. My favorite of quilts is the traditional style with machine appliqué and hand embroidery. However, I have been challenging myself to try other styles/techniques.