Welcome to Galveston Island Quilters Guild


President's Message


Greetings quilters! 

Well you know that is not really a fair statement. I have learned that the ladies of our guild have many talents. We are scrap bookers in many forms: gardeners, photographer, artists, flower/wreath makers. I believe we have many talents if you would like to share your talents let one of your board members know. 

In June quilters college could be the place to share your craft. If anyone needs a copy of our by-laws they are in our website and as a reminder at our last meeting we talked about the need to update and review our bylaws. If you would like to serve on the committee, please let me know. 

As Volunteering is important to keep our guild and mission going. If you have the time please offer to sit with Bonnie New at the children’s festival, call Mindy Gooding to sell raffle tickets or help with the making of quilts for rainbow camp and talk with Sue James about that. 

Thank you for being a part of the guild and to those that give their opinions. As always know that everyone is invited to attend our board meetings. The board would love to hear what you have to say. Sometimes when words are relayed between people or text the translation is many times not what it seems.



Guild Officers

President: Patricia Bolton-Legg   


1st. Vice President: Helena Aucoin  

2nd Vice President: Cheryl Tessitore  

Secretary: Heather Foster  

Treasurer: Diana Chapman