Enduring Friendships


A group of friends met regularly to share their lives and passion for quilting. After moving away to be closer to family, and after an 18 month battle with colon cancer, one member of the group, Elaine Olsen, passed away. Elaine, always remembered for her generosity and kindness, is leaving a final remembrance in a donation of a quilt for the Moody Methodist Seaside Festival Silent Auction. 
She  worked on what would be her last project with her group of friends at a quilting retreat last February. 
After Elaine’s passing her daughter Anne Jeanette mailed the unfinished project to Elaine’s friends. As Elaine was forever giving to others, we think she is smiling now, knowing that as in  life, her legacy has continued with a little help from her friends. This special group has finished her quilt and donated it to the church to raise money to help others.  Just as Elaine would have liked. 

Quilter's Pay it Forward in Santa Fe

Alice Oliver left this world and is the winner of the largest quilt stash in two states; Louisiana and Texas. Alice loved to collect every aspect of quilting especially quilt kits. These kits would be put together in many stages and thus her sewing of a 1/4 inch seam was perfected. 

Cheryl Tessitore in hopes of helping her uncle Bobby Joe place her works of art and all that quilting entails to those of equal passion, volunteered and then volunteered me to help him. We drove to Louisiana to pack up all the sewing paraphernalia, drove to Galveston and then went through everything for a quilters estate sale. While having her quilters estate sale the horrific news of the shooting at Santa Fe high was heard.

A call came to me from Denise Parsons her idea was to help two situations. Cheryl’s uncle and the children who were hurt in the shootings. When I sent out an email to the guild members for us to band together in honor of those children and the police officer who were injured, to make them a quilt the ladies of the guild and non members unselfishly and instantly volunteered to help. 

Quilts were finished, 17 of them! The backings were made, batting was donated by Duane Johnson from American Fiber Products, quilts were quilted, bindings were made and sewn on and labels completed them. These quilts will be delivered  and the Santa Fe Strong will hold them in their arms to comfort them, help them heal and make them strong.

Thank you for giving your time and talent for others as you always do:

Debbie Sabot

Beth Seabolt

Joyce Crow

Milissa Stage

Cheryl Tessitore

Jerry Buckner

Marcia Henry

Gloria Brister

Bonnie New

Cheryl Jackson

Susan Essery

Sue Carlton

Jeri Jacquis

Pam Zenick

Sharon Crawford

Margaret Erickson

Regina Horstman

Helena Aucoin

Carol Malloy

Colleen Stenlein

~Patricia Bolton-legg

Guild Officers

President: Patricia Bolton-Legg   


1st. Vice President: Helena Aucoin  

2nd Vice President: Cheryl Tessitore  

Secretary: Heather Foster  

Treasurer: Diana Chapman